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Interconnect & Wireless Products


Neoconix manufactures unique miniaturized, low-profile, high-performance electrical connectors for board to board, flex-to-board, LGA sockets, and PCB modules.

  • Lowest dimension profile in the industry
  • Extremely high performance (greater than 25Mbs transmission rates)
  • Highly rugged (greater than 1500Gs of shock and vibe)

Connectors are available in either standard configurations or may be customized to an application’s specific need.





Unimicron is one of the largest manufacturers of flex printed cables in the world.

High Denisty Interconnection Boards
Flexible PCBs
Rigid Flex PCBs
Integrated Circuit Carriers

Unimicron serves many products including: display &touch, automotive, lighting &mobile.

NuCurrent delivers breakthrough wireless power solutions to product teams through expert systems integration. Wireless power is a perfect solution to connector replacements! NuCurrent has developed multiple breakthroughs in wireless power systems, components and integration processes. Today, we supply our NuIQ™ Technology Platform and wireless power systems worldwide with unmatched speed, certainty and performance.