On behalf of the RMS group, I’d like to thank all of the folks at Global Lighting Technologies for their efforts in making the April 2016 U.S./Europe Rep Seminar informative, interesting, motivating ……and fun! Attending the seminar was a nice blend of veteran rep groups along with the newly contracted reps ….who were ‘chomping at the bit.

I would especially like to thank GLT for the recognition given to RMS for the wonderful partnership we’ve had since the inception (and before). I was honored and humbled to have the attached picture taken with Mang-Shiang Lee, GLT Chairman of the Board and CEO. I am holding the beautiful crystal Distinguished Service Award. I share this award with my RMS partner, Bill Romine, who was there at the beginning and helped foster the relationship until his retirement in 2014. Also sharing the award are my past and current associates Bruce Baunach, Paul Baughman, Jeff Houck, Jen Delzeith, Mark Rein, Jeff Malec and Cindy Huelsman.

We look forward to our continuing relationship with GLT and presenting its innovative, World-Class lighting products to our customer base.