Dan-Mar Company Inc

Dan-Mar Company Inc

Dan-Mar Company provides contract engineering, design, development and manufacture of electronic products based on RMS’ stringent customer-provided specifications. Their 44 years of experience in providing products to the military, medical, industrial and automotive markets give them the experience needed to be the best in their business.

Dan-Mar products include:

  • Keyless entry devices
  • Kiosk and POS designs
  • Battery chargers
  • Demolition controls
  • Liquid level controls
  • Encoders
  • Military products
  • Membrane switch and other input components
  • Medical Product Controls
  • Electronic Industrial Controls
  • Surface Mount Assembly
  • Through Hole Assembly

For more information on Dan-Mar, contact RMS using our contact page, or visit www.danmarco.com


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Corporate Office

PO Box 247
St. Henry, OH 45883
Phone: 419.678.2545
Email: jen@rms-reps.com