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Display Products


Displays.Direct offers a variety of LCD technologies and sizes designed to fit your application. From 1.8” screen size up to 70”, our screens support numerous markets including ruggedized, industrial and outdoor applications, just to name a few.

Displays.Direct’s unparalleled ability to design your solution allows us to customize your display and touch panel needs to perform flawlessly within your application.

High Bright (up to 2,000 nits)
Reduced Lead times
Industrial Grade
Extended Life Cycles
Wide Viewing Angles
Long Life LED
Touch Interface
Optical Boding
Controller Board Solutions


LUMINEQ rugged displays have been renowned for their ultra-reliable performance in harsh environments. Lumineq display products include: transparent displays which combine superior reliability and unique glass-like transparency and a 360-degree viewing angle, in-glass displays are transparent displays laminated in glass, turning vehicle windshields and windows into interactive displays, and electroluminescent displays that tolerate cold, pressure, shock & vibrations better than any other display type.

Features include:

Temperature: Operates reliable from -60°C to 105°C
Instant On: 1ms response time regardless of temperature
Vibration Tolerant: Inorganic design for vibration and shock tolerant
Vibration Tolerant: Inorganic design for vibration and shock tolerant



Contact Us for More Detail.


Contact Us for More Detail.

American Opto Plus (AOP)

From SMD Displays to High Power LEDs, American Opto Plus continues to lead and improve LED technology! AOP offers dependable quality & service while still providing competitive pricing. From LED components to Assemblies, AOP is your total LED Solution and is ISO 9001 & IATF 16949 Certified.

  • LED Lamps
  • Ultra-Thin SMD Displays
  • Custom Capacitive Touch Displays
  • High Power UV LEDs
  • Many other LED solutions!