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Interconnect Products

Advanced Input Systems

specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative touch, sensing and control human machine interface (HMI) systems.
Smart Surface Solutions:

Printed Electronics
Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP)
Force Sensing
Flex circuit mounted sensing
Can incorporate technologies such as NUOVO FILMS and LIGHTING (Lumitex and GLT) to produce innovative end products

Mechanical Input Solutions

Tactile and Non-Tactile membrane switches
Board-mounted switches
Owner of Duraswitch technology: Pushgate and Rotary switching
Environmental sealing
RoHS Compliant

World Leader in Crystode (SNW) type Conductive Film

Clear, Foldable, Flexible
A higher-performance, less expensive alternative to ITO and Metal Mesh
Low Birefringence

Possible Applications

Enables large-format PCAP Touch Screens (Nuovo can provide touch sensor film with driver)
Smart Windows (dimmable)
Heater film
Flexible/Foldable/Curved Displays
Windshield Displays
Much more…

Remys International

A leading manufacturer of:

Silicone Rubber Keypads
Plastic Keypads
Co-Molded Keypads
Multiple Color Printing

Shield Touch Solutions

Shield Touch Solutions, with its experienced design team and quality manufacturing, provides reliable and high-performance touch solutions supporting the following configurations:

Touch screen only – Customers integrate touch screen with Shield support
Touch Integration – Shield supplies touch monitor based on customer specs
Touch Integration – Shield uses customer-consigned or approved displays

Products Include:

PCAP Touch
PCAP Touch with Monitor
IR Touch
IR Touch with Monitor